Thursday, 18 November 2010

Free coffin to good home

Last week I became very energetic and build a timber packing case from left over plywood and ripped down pine.  It was built exactly the same width as our Engel 12v freezer with the intention it would be used to send all our unaccompanied baggage to the UK.

packing case 

Now it’s surplus to requirements and probably looking for a good home.  What went wrong?  Well two things happened that culminated in the decision to cancel the plan to use it.  The first was uncertainty over the cost of shipping.  An Australian freight forwarder phoned me and advised he could get the case as far as Birmingham as they only did “port to port”.  I would then have to arrange collection and pay for the clearance, duty, etc.  Consequentially the cost became an unknown factor.  The second thing that happened was Jan asking do we needed to take the Engel freezer.  “Why not leave it behind and buy another in the UK?”  It was a logical question and caused me to reconsider the plan.  The money saved by not shipping the case would offset the cost of the freezer.  We think it will be possible to squeeze all our essential possessions into our airline accompanied baggage allowance.

So one slightly short and high coffin is available to a local home.

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