Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Clicking of Needles

It has been quite a few years since Jan did any knitting.  Who needs woollen clothes in Australia’s warm climate!  Well she has found her knitting needles and is now spending her free time knitting useful UK winter accessories.  She has already decided there will be no woollen jumpers on the boat as she believes they will be too hard to dry.  From our time in colder climates we both recall mittens are warmer than gloves, and so Jan has been knitting mittens.  Two pair each to begin with.  They will probably be ‘under-mitts’.  We will purchase water resistant outer mittens at the start of our first winter in the UK.


She also has a reasonable quantity of surplus wool from the various garments she has knitted in the past.  I noticed during a visit to my mother in Perth earlier in the year that she had a way of knitting woollen squares which didn’t require them to be sewn together.  This speeds up the process and makes it easier to produce an end product.  I mentioned this to Jan who asked for some instructions.  She has been experimenting and worked out how to use the technique.  This is the beginning of her first knee blanket.

knee blanket

None of the squares are sewn together.

I think her plan is to produce a few blankets for use on the boat during cold evenings.

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Ekta Tiwari said...

Knitting Wool
its realy nice to read your post.i will surley try to use my surplus whool to make these various garments.thanks for sharing it.