Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Blood sucking leeches

We haven't posted for a couple of days as we are away visiting family in Coffs Harbour, NSW. Our oldest son recently gave up executive life in Sydney and purchased a small farmlet (10 hectares) 12km inland from Coffs Harbour . It's very tranquil. We've woken in the morning to the sounds of the Kookaburra's. The only negative to date has been the leeches. It's interesting watching them rear up and try to attach themself to your bare leg as you walk through the long grass.  Salt or peppermint toothpaste usually encourages them to detach themselves.  I suspect they will not survive once the rain stops and the ground dries out.  However we can't complain about the rain as it has filled the four dams on the property, and it is rather warm rain..... unlike the snow in the UK!

Unfortunately I can't attach any photo's but will do this when we get back home at the end of the week.

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