Monday, 8 November 2010

Bathroom Design

The bathroom is only 6 feet long and of ‘through’ design.  On the port side is the toilet and then the shower, whilst on the other side of the compartment there is a narrow vanity top, heater towel rail and hand basin.

Bathroom port side

As you can see the toilet door is bi-folding to avoid clashing with the saloon door which will be to the left.  You will also note that I still haven’t yet learned how to produce an oval shape in SketchUp, hence the round toilet pan.  We can probably manage with a slightly narrower toilet closet.  The 3ft is rather generous and 2’6” would also be acceptable.  The shower is 3ft square and I'm showing the mixing valve on the the wall under the gunwale opposite the glass swivel screen door.  All the walls will be clad in a waterproof formica laminate board.  There will be no tiles.  It’s just so hard to clean the grout and tiles can crack should the boat flex. We initially wanted a chrome towel rail on the ceiling of the shower so we had something which we could use to hang wet clothing.  However Kelly believes Ben can produce a better solution.

Bathroom starboard side

Yes,  the funny grey shape at the bottom right is my attempt at drawing a heater towel rail.  My excuse is I didn’t have much time.  In reality I just got lazy.  However the hand basin is a genuine attempt.  The cabinet is only 1ft deep.  So we have a shower at 3ft, walkway at 2ft and a vanity at 1ft to give us a 6ft wide bathroom.

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