Wednesday, 10 November 2010

The Back Cabin

Well this is the last compartment in the boat.  Actually it is the compartment nearest to the stern and the last one I’ve drawn using SketchUp.

The first drawing is of the starboard side looking towards the rear.  There is a small workstation with a folding desktop and shelving underneath.  Above the workstation are some cupboards. To the right of this is a full length cupboard.  The idea is the top half will be a cupboard to hold raincoats, hats, gloves, etc.  Beneath it will be the calorifier (hot water cylinder).  Any heat radiating from the calorfier will be directed into the wet locker.  The top half of the last locker contains the electrical equipment, including the battery charger and 12/230v inverter.  It will also contain the switchboard and instruments.  I’m hoping there is room in the lower half for the calorfier which would enable me to relocate it from the bottom of the cupboard to the left which would give us room for an additional storage area for mooring pins, ropes, footwear, etc.  However there may not be sufficient room for the calorfier this close to the stern as the hull of the boat (the ‘swim’) will start tapering from this area leading to a point under the stern where the propeller shaft will exit the boat.

Rear Cabin (Left Side)

The other side of the compartment has an extending bed.  It will extend out into the walkway to make a 4ft wide second double bed.  When the bed is extended it will block walking access through the rear of the boat.  However this will not be a problem as there should be no need to exit via the rear when someone is occupying the bed.  In an emergency it will be possible to climb over the bed or exit via the bow doors, or even the side hatches.

Beneath the bed is room for the small 12v Engel chest freezer and storage cupboards.  Above the bed at the rear is another storage cupboard.  The steps out of the boat will have lifting tops to provide further storage and the face of each step contains a LED light to illuminate the steps when exiting or entering the boat at night.

Rear Cabin (right side)

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