Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Wild Bears in the Woods

This afternoon I spent a pleasant few hours walking through Black Hill and Morialta Conservation Parks.  Three reasonable sized hills were covered in an effort to burn off lunch.  On two separate occasions kangaroos jumped out of the bush in fright and bound across the trail in front of me.  It all happened so quickly that there was no time to take a photo.  However I was far more successful with the Koala Bears.  It’s early summer and the mating season is over.  The males sit around looking weary after doing their duty whilst the females are caring for their new babies.  
Old Koala  
This old fellow was perched in a tree out on a limb.  He opened one eye as I stopped to take his picture. Whereas the female with the baby on her back in the next photo started to climb the tree as I approached.  She then settled herself into a fork just out of reach.  Not that I would have attempted to touch her.  They are wild and in order to climb the trees their claws are long and needle sharp.
Koala mum & baby 
You can just see the baby behind mum’s head.  The photo’s were taken using the camera my the Garmin Oregon gps which is my excuse for them being so poor.

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