Monday, 25 October 2010

Which side of the bed

But first I need to mention the galley.

Six feet isn’t that long for a galley. To compensate we made it a ‘through galley’ rather than a ‘U’ style. This gave us an extra 2 feet of bench, however it restricts the ability for two people to pass.

Jan believes she can manage within this dimension and I’m sure there are other galleys of similar size or even smaller. Although the bathroom is a ‘through’ type we wanted a separate toilet. So the bathroom has a shower and basin in the main area with a separate smaller compartment for the toilet. It may mean backing into the toilet if one needs to be seated for the performance. Time will tell!

There will be a 5’ cross-over bed in the main bedroom with two 2 foot wide wardrobes either side of the doors to the bow. This leaves one foot either side of the bed as ‘wriggle-room’ to get around it. No doubt Jan will claim the side nearest to the bathroom so I’d better start practicing bladder control!

There will be a full width locker above the bed with a slight arch in it where is passes over the porthole.  Either side of the bed will be small lowboys and the will also be drawers under the bed.  The length of the bedroom is nine feet.  Not much, but then most of the time spent in the room will be on one’s back examining the inside of the eyelids.

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