Thursday, 14 October 2010

We Need a Tardis

Having reached to point where we had decided on the type of stern, the overall boat length and the sequence of the internal compartments we needed to decide on the size of each compartment.

Very quickly we realised what we wanted was a boat the was bigger on the inside than the outside. We needed a Tardis! Deducting 8 feet for the stern and 8 feet for the cratch/bow from 58’ leaves 42’ in which everything must fit. As we expanded and then contracted the lengths of various compartments one thing became apparent. Expanding any compartment almost always resulted in a contraction in the length of the saloon. Yet the saloon was the area we would spend the majority of our conscious hours inside the boat. If we wanted room to move in the saloon we were going to have to be ruthless with ourselves and be minimalists with the other compartments.

Eventually we settled on the wet locker, galley and bathroom all being 6’. The bedroom would be 9’ leaving us 15’ for the saloon. I then realised we needed 6’3” in the wet locker if we were going to fit an in-line bed. However the planned layout meant I’d reduced the number of internal partitions to three so I claimed back 3” from the 6” I had originally allocated.

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