Sunday, 10 October 2010

A walk through the Adelaide Hills

On Sunday I usually attempt to go on a medium length walk through the Adelaide Hills.  The exercise does me good….. or so I’m told! Today I walked in the Cleland Conservation Park going to the lookout on Mount Lofty and then back to the car via ‘Eagle on the Hill’ and Mount Osmond.  It sounds rather strenuous but the “Mounts” are no higher than 850 metres.  Actually there are no real mountains in Australia, it’s actually rather large and flat!
The suburbs of Adelaide in the distance
The warm spring weather is encouraging the flora and fauna to proliferate.  The call of a male Koala seeking a mate is similar to the bellow of a bull and in one sunlight glade two kangaroo’s were boxing to secure the attention of a female that was 20 metres away waiting patiently to find out who her new partner would be!  As I headed down the track towards Mount Osmond an Echidna crossed in front of me and then curled into a ball of spikes.  Echidna’s are similar to hedgehogs and porcupines.

By the time I made it back to the car it was starting to get quite warm.  In a few weeks I’ll be starting the walk at 7.00am to avoid the heat of the day and I’ll be carrying at least two water bottles.

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