Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Talking about my generation


Sorry, couldn't resist the temptation to adopt the subject heading from the lyrics of the song. You'll know what I mean if you are a child of the 60's!

It's all very well having a large battery bank however it's equally important having the capacity to charge it. The rough rule is the charging capacity should be between 25-30% of the battery capacity. We should have 630Ah of usable capacity in the domestic battery bank. So we need to generate between 160 & 210 Ah. The combined alternator output is 225A so that part of solution appears to be alright. The Alternator to Battery Charger (ABC) under consideration (Sterling) has a maximum capacity of 210Ah which is also acceptable. We appear to have a solution that will work.



Sterling Alternator to Battery Charger

I've added a SmartGauge to the specifications as I believe it is capable of accurately displaying the percentage status of charge of two battery banks. In our case it will be the engine start battery and the domestic battery bank.


SmartGauge Battery Monitor 

Next, the DC distribution system.

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