Saturday, 30 October 2010

It’s Snake Time!

It’s almost summer and the wildlife has well and truly stirred from winter slumbers. Time for me to be particularly vigilant when walking through the bush as the local legless cold blooded creatures are awake, hungry and aggressive.  The temperature reached 32c during my walk and I noticed there were numerous small lizards basking on the rocks in the sun.  Definitely snake food!

Whilst walking up a particularly steep hill in the full sun I almost missed this fellow crossing my path.  He gave me quite a start until I realised he was harmless.  Well not quite harmless. A bite can cause pain, break the skin and leave a bruise but there is no venom and hence no long-term ill effect.


A Shingle Backed Blue Tongued Lizard

He’s about 10” long and 3” in diameter.  Actually he reminded me somewhat of myself.  Ugly, squat, fat, stumpy legs and dragging his belly along the ground!

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