Sunday, 17 October 2010

Boat Interior

Some time ago Jan and I started to consider the boat’s interior decor. Now I like timber with ‘character’ but when you’ve lived in a country with the largest pine plantations in the Southern Hemisphere you’re not all that interested in pine cladding. Moreover tongue and groove planking is something that went into New Zealand houses during the 1930’s and 40’s. We want the boat to be light and airy. Too much timber is likely to make us feel like we’re living in a log!

The ceiling is going to be a matt white formica wallboard. It’s water resistant and easy to wipe down. We considered painting the walls above the gunwale line with carpet below. Then considered washable vinyl wallpaper above the gunwale. In the end we have opted for a light coloured veneer timber plywood. If this doesn’t work we can revert to our earlier ideas. The floor covering will be vinyl in the back cabin, galley and bathroom with a suitable marine grade carpet in the saloon and bedroom.

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